Ryan (Lolly)'s Bio

I started in sports at an early age, playing soccer and baseball. Although I always despised running. Then, several years ago I was fortunate to work with someone who got me interested in running. Just after my 33rd birthday, I ran my first half marathon. Then I ran my second. Then it only made sense to run a full marathon. So In 2013 I ran the California International Marathon. I was hooked, but wanted to know what was next. Triathlon obviously in the natural progression I thought. I started training with Gutzy Tri Team as a runner and developing my bike skills. Last season, I competed in a duathlon as well as in a relay with the team. As a kid I had lots of ear problems, so I never swam. Now, with the help of Coach Jamie and the Gutzy team, I took swim lessons and I'm training for my first triathlon with the goal of completing a half iron distance in 2016. With my new Gutzy family, I'm able to do far more than I ever thought possible.

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