Countdown to Ironman Melbourne Race Start


[tminus t=”21-03-2015 14:00:00″ width=”700″ style=”carbonlite”/]

Almost time…

Warm up

Strong on the bike after a very impressive swim!! Sorry-bike photos on the grown up camera. 

Phil Montalbano is officially an Ironman! 14:24:38.  Thank you all for your unending support and encouragement. 

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11 Responses to Ironman

  1. SusanSusan says:

    Yahoo Phil!!!! Embrace the Suck!

  2. ChristineChristine says:

    Wahoo!! GO PHIL!!

  3. Laurie ProulxLaurie Proulx says:

    PHIL WE LOVE YOU! Go Speed Phil, Go Speed Phil, Go Speed Phil GO!

  4. robbierobbie says:

    Almost time!

  5. KimKim says:

    Go Phil!!! You’re gonna rock it!!!

  6. robbierobbie says:

    Warming up….

  7. robbierobbie says:

    1:34 on the first split on the bike! So fast I didn’t even see him!

  8. robbierobbie says:

    1:19 on the second split!

  9. robbierobbie says:

    Looking strong halfway through the run!!!

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